22 August 2007

Swedish Bacon

Frisco Burgermal at Max
Stockholm, Sweden (2007)

Dutch Bacon

Bacon cheeseburger from the Euro Pub
Amsterdam, Netherlands (2007)

Mandalay Bacon

From the Raffles Cafe at Mandalay Bay casino
Las Vegas, NV (2007)

New Amity

Omelet with bacon from the New Amity Diner
New York, NY (2007)

Euro Bacon Cheeseburger

23 Euro Bacon Cheeseburger from Le Meriden Hotel
Monte Carlo, Monaco (2007)

Shronk's Salad

Shronk's 20 Euro salad
Monte Carlo, Monaco (2007)

Manly Beach Street Bacon

Breakfast sandwich from a street vendor
Manly Beach, Australia (2007)

The Balcony's Banana Pancakes and Bacon

Banana pancakes with bacon from The Balcony
Byron Bay, Australia (2007)

The Balcony's Breakfast Sandwich

Brandon's breakie sandwich at The Balcony
Byron Bay, Australia (2007)

The Balcony in Byron Bay

The Balcony's Breakfast
Byron Bay, Australia (2007)

Australia: Runny Eggs and Barely-Cooked Bacon

Breakfast special at unknown cafe in Crown Casino
Melbourne, Australia (2007)

Bacon Bin at Ralph's

Bacon Bacon Bacon - Ralph's
Los Angeles, CA (2006)

Nick's Coffee Shop: French Toast with Bacon

Nick's Coffeeshop
Los Angeles, CA(2006)

My Girlfriend's Homemade Breakfast

Nicky made me breakfast
Hollyweird, CA (2006)

21 August 2007


McDonalds Ad
Amsterdam, Netherlands (2006)